Creative Direction / Graphic Design /
Motion Design / Marketing

Charcoal was one of the first major projects I worked on in Hong Kong - I created their branding, identity, printed material, digital material and worked very hard with lots of brilliant people on the interior too. 

All of their printed menus and business cards were hand screen-printed and hot stamped, the leather coasters are embossed and and the finishes on everything were beautiful - every detail was thought through. I developed motion graphics, playing on the branding, for their events and partnerships on social media and also to project during their event nights. 

A massive thank you to Ho Tin DesignsNgai Sang PrintingThe Stalk Room and everyone else who helped make it look brilliant - make sure you visit Charcoal.

I put together a load of photos of the process and development of this project so people could see how much work went in to it. Click here to see that..