A Look at the History of Colour in Film to Predict its Future. 
By Barney McCann

A book written and designed by me, about the history and future of colour in film. A large part of the development of colour in film is the materials, their capabilities and their limitations. The pages of the book are printed on paper made with the chemicals included in the film-stocks written about in the text, meaning that the pages about early black and white film that was made with Nitrate and would actually be made with Nitrate, and the colours and content of the pages of the book would change over time just as the film discussed would. 

The 16 different hand-made (by me) paper stocks had the same levels of the various chemicals as the 16 most important film-stocks in the history of colour in film. Not only did this mean that the colours could change or vary hugely. 
It was also a serious fire hazard. 

Nitrate film in particular is known to be extremely combustible, and creating it’s own oxygen as it burns.. meaning it can even stay alight under water. This means that ‘Have We Surpassed Reality?’ Is also a fire risk. The film canister and fireproof Peli-Case it is packaged in is more than just decoration, they are a necessity.