Mar '18
NOSH - Flying Chords

My music video for NOSH's new single Flying Chords is online now, you can see it here

Feb '18
Wave State Interview

An interview with Wave State Magazine and Podcast

Feb '18
Elijah Bank$y - Coldest Day in February Shines the Amethyst Rock

New York's Finest, Elijah Bank$y's latest EP drops today and I was asked to collaborate with him, creating the full 28 minute visuals. It looks and sounds great. You can buy the EP here and you should support him on his tour when he visits your town. 

Jan '18
MARS Print on Sale

The MARS print from Hong Kong Exhibition Number Two is on sale in a limited run of 10, you can buy them numbered and signed in the shop

mars beach.jpg

Jan '18
Shops Open

The online shop is finally open, you can buy original one-of-one signed artworks there and sometimes there will be a super small run of prints on sale too - you can have a look here (6).gif

Dec '17
Barney McCann - Hong Kong Exhibition Number 4

My fourth Solo Exhibition is currently on at Mahka in Sheung Wan, you can get a bit more information here

Dec '17
+852 T Shirt SOLD OUT

All of the +852 T Shirts have sold out, there may be a re-run some time soon so keep an eye here for a re-stock

I have a super limited amount in the studio and one or two returns, so if you email me at I might be able to sort something out for you.

Dec '17
I have QUIT!

After 3 Years working as Creative Director at The Design Agency in Hong Kong, I have stepped down and will now be working exclusively freelance. Its a big step and will mean that I will have a lot more time to work on more fun, experimental projects with clients that I choose. Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive at this stage. On to the next adventure! (5).gif

Dec '17

I have made a photobook with Black Cat and MSF of Hong Kong photography, each one is hand bound and signed, there is a limited print run and every one is numbered. 

ALL proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare.

MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. They are really great. (4).gif

Nov '17
360 Grime Mix

For Stormzy's first ever HK show I did a UK Grime DJ Set and 360 Live Visuals, you can see it all at Goldfish TV (3).gif

Nov '17
Hong Kong Exhibition Number Two

My second Solo Hong Kong Exhibition starts on Nov 2nd in Ho Lee Building, Central Hong Kong. Its going to be massive and there is loads of new work there, you will really like it. 

Come on the 2nd for the Launch Party with music from Arnaud D, L'Homie and Ignotus, free drinks and fun. (2).gif

Oct  '17
Renaissance College Workshop

I'm back at Renaissance College (HK) to run design workshops and talk about my work
Its on the 28th Oct. (1).gif

Oct '17
Dont Panic! Article

Nice little article with Dont Panic about The Gods series, the internet and design

Sep '17
+852 Artworks SOLD OUT

All the +852 artworks have gone! There wont be another run of these, but two will be on sale from a private collection at the Hong Kong Art Basel.


Aug '17
Kinetic Museum Exhibition

I have been asked to exhibit at the Kinetic Museum Exhibition in Hong Kong along side lots of other great interactive Artists and Designers.

The show runs from the 4th October and the public Launch Party is on Thursday the 2nd October.

Its in the J-01 Gallery, On Lam Street, Central Hong Kong. 

June '17
Derlin - Leaky (VR 360)

I made a VR 360 Music Video for Derlin's song- Leaky. You can watch it here (make sure you turn on HD).

June '17
Unified Festival

Unified is a Record Label in Hong Kong, I did their branding and logo design when they launched and they are now about to hold their first ever festival. There are loads of great DJs and it is in the beautiful beach location of Pui O - I will also be creating some Live Visuals. The event is on the 1st July (Establishment Day) and you can get tickets here

May '17
Fortune Sound - Live Visuals

I did some large-scale live visuals and projection art at Fortune Sound's event on Friday night, it was really good and I'll be doing more at the next one

May '17
Fortune Sound

Hong Kong based record label Fortune Sound asked me to do their branding and motion design, their event is in Causeway Bay on the 19th.
You can get tickets here and see more of the design work here.

May '17
I LUV U - Book

A book of the Grime Portraits from the exhibition I LUV U is being published by Blue Monday Press, featuring a couple of my drawings.
You can buy it here and see some of the artworks here

Apr '17
Why You Delete?

Why You Delete? Is a US-based online radio station, they asked me to design some visuals for them so we went quite retro in style with some modern 3D Graphics


Apr '17
I LUV U - Exhibition of Grime Culture

I have been asked to exhibit at Blue Monday Press' Exhibition I LUV U with some illustrations of Grime Artists. The event is at Cabin in Tower of Hamlets and if you go to the launch there will be DJ sets from Grime DJs including Gundam (Rinse / Radar), Wen and Love Hate Records. It's free so if you're in London get there and buy prints. You can see some more of the drawings here. 


Apr '17
Shell Off Grime Night

Last night's Shell Off event at Relentless No.5, Denmark Street in London was huge - I was still in Hong Kong so couldn't make it but I created all their projection and live visuals and it looked brilliant. The next one is coming soon with more mad visuals and more massive Grime Artists, if you're in London you should get there

More Shell Off Visuals here

Find out more about Shell Off here


March '17
Hong Kong Art Basel

The Hong Kong Art Basel starts today and you can see some crazy motion design work I did for them projected around Hong Kong

You can see more of the designs here.


March '17
Soulection Visuals

I designed some visuals for Soulection, the LA-based record label, for projection and digital content.

You can see more of my Soulection work here and visit Soulection's website here




March '17
DJ Ignotus ft Benny B - Keep Me Strong

DJ Ignotus asked me to make the music video for his and Benny B's latest song - Keep Me Strong, and it's out now. 

You can see more from it here or watch the full video here


Feb '17
Hong Kong Schools Workshop Animations

We have animated some of the work from the Interactive Design workshops, you can see them all here.

Feb '17
Chuck Blue Lowry - I'll Be Your Mirror

I'm curating & organising the first screening of I'll Be Your Mirror in Asia this month! Chuck Blue Lowry is a multi-award winning Film Maker from London and her latest film has been officially selected for the London Short Film Festival and all sorts of other great stuff.
The film will be shown from the 6th - 10th Feb at Charcoal, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. 

Jan '17

We've been working on our first full 3D VR project and here's some bits from it. This wont be a quick one so will be posting updates as we go along, but its looking good and is a lot of fun.

Jan '17
London Grammar - Hey Now x L'Homie

Jan '17
Happy Chinese New Year!

A very happy Chinese New Year from LA. I will be back in Hong Kong soon and celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Rooster

Dec '16
Sexy Chair - Jonny Drewek

I made the music video for Jonny Drewek's Sexy Chair, you can see it here

Dec '16
Vivienne Westwood IOU Magazine

The First Issue of IOU by Vivienne Westwood came out recently and features some of my photography from the Student Protests. Its a really great magazine and if you can get hold of one, you should. 

Dec '16
Hong Kong

I have been living in Hong Kong for over a year now and travelling about loads too - I've been keeping a little Tumblr of photos from my phone, if you want to be nosey you can see them here

Nov '16
Lane Crawford x UAL

I was asked to be the exhibiting artist at Lane Crawford for the UAL Alumni Hong Kong events. Thank you very much to UAL and Lane Crawford for having me

Oct '16
ESF Design Day

I was one of the speakers at ESF Design Day on the 2nd November at Renaissance College alongside some of Asia's best designers. Afterwards I ran workshops on design and interactive technology with the LEAP Motion and the Occulus Rift. It was really fun and massively rewarding.

Oct '16
Hong Kong Solo Exhibition

Oct '16
Nikita Rao

My fantastic friend & incredible designer Nikita has been ill for over a year now, we are trying to get 1000 names on this Just Giving page to show our support. If you could donate any amount with your name here it would mean so much to us & her, thank you


Sep '16
OFFF By Night

My photography was exhibited in Antwerp at OFFF By Night Festival with loads of other artists, designers and photographers which was really great. Thank you very much to Stitch for the organisation and photographs.
Also if you're interested in really beautiful motion graphics, have a look at the Official OFFF titles, made by The Mill who are brilliant.

Sep '16
IBC 2016

I spent 10 days in Amsterdam working at IBC, talking to Rising Stars and people in the Future Zone about future technology and production. 
If you missed this years I highly recommend coming to the next one.

Sep '16
The Blue House x The Stallery

I worked with Sofia Lloyd designing the identity, print and advertising for the exhibition hosted by The Stallery to raise money for the famous Blue House in Wan Chai, a historical, creative and cultural landmark in Hong Kong.

You can see more work on this project here.

Aug '16
IBC - Amsterdam

This year I will be working in Amsterdam with the International Broadcast Conference again. I'm going to be co-ordinating and talking about the Virtual and Augmented Reality technology contributors and showing off some exciting new technology. 

Its from the 8th - 13th Sep and I highly recommend getting registered and coming down if you can. You can get tickets here.

Aug '16
Barney McCann - Exhibition

July '16
Dave Hendley

This week we lost Dave Hendley. Not only was he one of the most important and influential photographers in my life, he was also a friend and my mentor. Dave was the most fantastic man you could meet and will be missed by everyone that met him. We'll all do everything to make you proud, but you knew that anyway. 

You can read his obituary in The Telegraph here

You can hear David Rodigan's radio show on 1Xtra dedicated to Dave here

July '16
Hackney Summer Bawl Festival - London

Some of my new prints will be on sale at the Summer Bawl Festival in Hackney this weekend (July 22nd).
There will be lots of great bands, drinks and food and you can pick up some great stuff. 

July '16
Solo Exhibition - Hong Kong Exhibition Extended

So far my solo exhibition in Hong Kong has gone really well, thank you everyone that came down to see all the stuff. The exhibition has been extended from 1 week to 3! So if you missed it it will be on display until the 28th July. 

June '16
Solo Exhibition - Hong Kong

My first solo exhibition in Hong Kong is on the 7th July - 14th July.
On exhibition will be my Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty photographs which will be the first time they have been exhibited outside of the V&A. There will also be a lot of exciting new video work and projections, the Colour in Film Studies images will be on sale for the first time outside of Saatchi, some other fun photographs I haven't exhibited before now and some screenprints too. 

You can find some more information here.

May '16
Featured at OFFFestival – Barcelona

My photo series and book The Mods will be in exhibition at OFFFestival in Barcelona on May 26th – 28th with Stitch along side some great artists and studios including Aardman AnimationsBienal CommunicacíonMr BingoDanny SangraDigital KitchenJohnny Cupcakes and loads of other great people. I think I have to do an audio interview too, which will obviously make me feel very uncomfortable and will probably be online eventually. 

Get tickets here. 

Apr '16
Colour Film Studies on sale at Saatchi Art

Some prints of my designs on colour in cinema are now on sale at Saatchi Art. 
You can see and read about them here and you can see 'Have We Surpassed Reality?' (which is where they came from) here.

Apr '16
Lan Kwai Fong Terrace Design

Ryan O'Toole made this nice little video of me putting up my 7m illustration in Lan Kwai Fong, HK

Mar '16
Charcoal is now open

After loads of work from loads of people Charcoal is now open. It was one my first major projects in Hong Kong and looks really great. You can see the branding and design I did for them here.

The Launch is on the 28th March and will be great. If you're in HK make sure you visit - it's in Lan Kwai Fong, Central and they have some brilliant events and exhibitions by amazing international artists coming up.

Mar '16
Hong Kong Art Season

The Art Basel and Art Central in Hong Kong starts this week and lots of my designs are all over the city!
If you're around keep an eye out, I will post some bits on my Instagram too

Mar '16
House of Vans - 50th Anniversary

House of Vans Hong Kong is now open, very exciting- get your tickets here!

Mar '16
Featured on It's Nice That

I was featured on the home page of one of my favourite photography and design blogs Its Nice That. They wrote some nice things about me and my work.

You can read the article and see the photographs here. Thats nice that. 

Mar '16
Interview for Stitch

I did an interview with Ana Belén for the photography and design website Stitch. We talked about photography, my latest stuff and working in different countries. 


Feb '16
The Mods on Creativeboom

Creativeboom did a write-up about my D&AD Award shortlisted photography series - The Mods.

You can read the article here and see more of the photographs here.

Feb '16
Andro - When The Alarm Calls

Andro's first solo video premiere is out! Formally of Jungle (XL Records) - the first music video was shot in LA and looks great.

The next video, out soon, is Directed by me- with a huge, fantastic team and a brilliant studio. 
The song is great and the music video is beautiful. 

Watch When the Alarm Calls

Dec '15
Hananiah Film

Before I left London I was working with multi-award winning Director and Cinematographer Sadik Ahmed, producing his latest film Hananiah. Working with the BFI as well as lots of great local and international Autism Charities, the film is a personal script about Autism and living with and how families cope with the condition. Funding is secured and if all goes well pre-production will begin next year, however if you wish to donate and get some great kickbacks you can do so here.

Its a really exciting, important project and will do lots of good in both funding and awareness for Autism. 
Support them and support local cinema. 


Oct '15

PROTEST is now sold out but some of the photos from it can be found here

Featuring photography by me, text by Jeremy Tillthe Black Bloc, Rebecca Livesey Wright and loads of other people is now available. 

Its a really interesting and insightful read on the last 5 years of politics in Britain and has tons of photographs of mine, its not just a photography book. 

Aug '15
Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty Exhibition at the V&A Museum closes

You can see my photos from the exhibition here

The exhibition was huge, it was the biggest ever exhibition at the V&A and being part of it was brilliant. My photos have now been entered in to the V&A Archive which is a weird and great feeling. 

Thank you so much to everyone involved and everyone that came down.